Beautiful Modern Parapet Designs In Nigeria 2023 (Pictures)

Parapets Are Great For Roof Top Security. Check Out The Most Beautiful Modern Parapet Designs In Nigeria Currently. 

Parapet Designs In Nigeria

Parapet Designs In Nigeria: Have you been planning to build your own house? do you know that you need a parapet if you want a great rooftop design? In this article, I am going to show you some of the most beautiful parapet designs you have ever seen. You would also get to see the uses of parapet and also factors to consider before choosing a parapet design to help you choose the best kind of parapet design. I would advise that you pay attention to every detail of this article. Let’s get started!

A parapet wall is a small low wall that is mostly built around the perimeter of a flat roof, balcony or a terrace. There are various functions of a parapet which we are going to find out in the later part of this article.

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Uses Of Parapet Designs

Parapet is a very beautiful structure that has many uses. Here are some of the uses of Parapet Designs:

  • Parapet makes your structure look absolutely beautiful
  • Parapet acts as a safety structure for people when they stay on a rooftop in case of bridges so as to prevent them and vehicles from falling.
  • Parapet helps in securing and hiding equipment and machinery that are on a rooftop.
  • It also helps in preventing the falling of debris that are on a rooftop.
  • Parapet helps in preventing high wind loads coming on to the rooftop
  • Lastly, Parapet can also be used as a means of defense measures around military areas.

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Things To Consider Before Choosing A Parapet Design

Before you pick out any parapet design, there are things you would need to consider so as to get the best out of what you have chosen. If you do not consider these key things, the parapet may not serve the purpose for which it was created and it might end in regret. Here are some of the key things you need to consider before you pick any parapet design:

1. The Structural Basis

One of the first things you need to consider when picking a parapet design is the structural basis. Remember that the sole purpose of including a parapet in your building is for safety, privacy and beauty. Therefore, a good parapet should have suitable strength at critical positions under different boundary conditions like dead weight, live load and so on.

2. The Material For Shield

Another thing you need to consider is the material for shield. Remember most people erect parapet for safety. If the material is not strong enough, people and items can fall over it easily. You can speak to your builder on the bet material you can use to ensure safety of people and items.

3. Your House Design

Lastly, you would need to consider before you pick any parapet design is your house design. Some house designs go better or look better with some other types pf parapet. If you are confused on the kind of parapet that matches your house design, you can speak to her designer to help you.

Types Of Parapet Design

There are four different types of parapet design. Here are the four different types of parapets designs we have:

1. Plain Parapet Walls

The first kind of Parapet we have is plain parapet walls. These types of parapet wall are a vertical extension of the wall at the edge of the roof. Plain Parapet wall is a general type of parapet that is provided for safety concerns. It is very easy to construct plain parapet and it is quite easy to maintain as well. One disadvantage of using plain parapet is that it looks dull compared to other kinds of parapet.

2. Perforated Parapet Walls

The next type of parapet we have is Perforated parapet walls. This kind of parapet is an extension of the wall just the way plain parapet is. The extension of the wall in perforated parapet has different sized openings which accounts for its name. The perforations look very beautiful in different shapes like circles, trefoils, flower shapes etc.

3. Embattled Parapet Walls

The next type of parapet we have is Embattled parapet walls. This kind of parapet was very popular in previous years. They are no longer considered to be modern parapet as they were mainly used for castles, forts and so on. On embattled parapet walls, there can be some sort of perforations either lower or higher portions.

Embattled parapet walls were usually used by arrow shooters to shoot arrows through it while defending the castle in the olden days. In modern times, Embattled parapet walls can be constructed just for the aesthetic aspects of the structures.

4. Paneled Parapet Walls

The next type of parapet we have is Paneled parapet walls. This type of parapet is very much similar to plain parapet, the only difference between both parapets is ornamented with different panel designs on the outside of parapet wall. The panels can take any shape but there is no form of perforations on the parapet.

This has to be the most common kind of parapet because it gives a very beautiful appearance to the structure and it does not cost too much to be able to buy and construct.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Best Parapet In Nigeria?

The best kind of parapet and the most popular is Polystyrene parapet.

2. What Is The Top Of Parapet?

The top of a parapet wall is called coping.

3. How Big Should A Parapet Be?

The height of the parapet shall be not less than 30 inches (762 mm) above the point where the roof surface and the wall intersect.

4. How Thick Should A Wall Be For A Parapet Wall?

The minimum thickness of the parapet wall is 9 inches.

5. How Many Types Of Parapet Are There?

There are four different types of parapets which are: plain parapet, perforated parapet, paneled parapet, embattled parapet.


We have shown you different beautiful modern parapet designs in this article, we have also talked about the different types of parapets we have and the things you need to consider before you choose any parapet design. It is advisable to always talk to your designer about any design you want to make on your building. I hope this article was very useful to you. Cheers!

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